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Futropolis main poster

Director:  to be determined

Writer/ Producer:  Thomas E. Carter

Producer:  Gabe Videla 

Associate Producer:  Antoine Bocquier

Genre:  Drama


           Thomas E. Carter and Gabe Videla

Los Angeles 2039, Anthony Conrad, a creative Real Estate genius ushers in a new era of urban redevelopment through a secretly financed motion picture and a multi-trillion dollar development, cloning Manhattan New York within a 36 square mile area of South Metropolitan Los Angeles. He saw opportunity where others did not. How did he accomplish the impossible?

The setting, modern day, Anthony, a handsome mid 40’s organizational and Real Estate wizard has discovered the secret to unlocking political gridlock preventing urban redevelopment of Los Angeles. He understands what he is up against and has developed a way to educate all of the players as to the roles they will play in his master plan. It is to create a $100 million dollar plus movie showing exactly how it all came together. 

He is convinced it’s the only way to get enough players on the same page to reach the tipping point. A tipping point once reached will result in a cascade of actions impossible to stop until his objective of building the ultimate city is realized. His carefully devised plan requires convincing his multi-billionaire Uncle, Marvin Conrad to play along, invest millions for a major Hollywood studio to pick up his “Pitch” to 1,500 of the world’s richest billionaires investing a trillion dollars in his real estate project.


Following his success with Marvin to support the plan and Warner Brothers Studios picking up the project Uncle Marvin dies. Anthony is devastated and now faces a dilemma: release the movie for public viewing, resulting in land speculators pricing the land out of reach or somehow find an alternative way to move forward without his late uncle’s billions. When it appears his choice is releasing the movie, he learns Marvin has left him all his money. Now free to proceed with his plans, he hires the largest law firm in the Country, and Peter Calthorn, an internationally famed planner, to partner with him. The uphill battle continues with the death of Anthony’s mother Kate and becoming romantically involved with Amy Forbes, his attorney, whose father had previously fired Anthony’s father, Albert, leading to Albert’s death by alcoholism on skid row.  

Tension builds as the completed film is privately screened to the 1,500 Billionaires leading to their investment. This is followed by private screenings to every Legislator in California, and key leaders of League of California Cities. The plan reaches a tipping point when it’s been leaked to the media resulting in frenzy. Will the Governor and the Legislature act on the plan or not? The story intertwines the human characteristics of secrecy, greed, jealousy, premeditation, and love, combined with a cinematic extravaganza that will spellbind audiences. It’s EPCOT on steroids, turning Los Angeles into the global “City of Tomorrow.”

Futropolis alternative poster

Alternative poster

new proj
Last Loyalty poster

Director:  to be determined

Writer:  Robert Boyce

Producers:  Gabe Videla | Robert Boyce

Associate Producer:  Antoine Bocquier

Genre:  Action/ Adventure based on true events





Thousands of War Dogs brought into the Vietnam War, that saved countless lives were left behind after the war. All but one, whose love, loyalty and will to be with his master and battlefield companion will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. As the last days of US armed forces occupation takes place, action within the US Embassy compound is such that all there face impending death. In the mayhem a story unfolds depicting valor and loyalty taken to the limits in the most impossible of circumstances that will take the breath away!




Director:  to be determined
Writer/ Producer:  Paul Rutherford

Executive Producer:  Paul Hendison
Producer:  Gabe Videla

Associate Producer:  Antoine Bocquier

Genre:  Action/ Adventure





A WWII American Prisoner of War brutally held captive in a remote Philippine jungle camp, helps build a cave where an evil Japanese Officer hides a huge stash of gold bullion, killing all witnesses but one. Taken into the jungle to be shot, the prisoner's fate is unknown until the conclusion of this compelling story, that fast forwards to present day where an adventurous father who suddenly disappears, ignites an intensive search that leads his son into the stronghold of the world's most powerful Gold Mogul who will stop at nothing to control his domain. It's a story of family devotion, determination, romance, intrigue, suspense, life threatening danger, reward and ultimately reunion that will leave a lump in the throat and surge of emotion to the heart.




Director:  to be determined

Writers:  Bill Moser & Kevin Proulx

Producers:  Gabe Videla | Bill Moser| Jeffrey E. Cordone

Associate Producer:  Antoine Bocquier

Genre:  Comedy





In his early 50's Harry is a frustrated day dreaming bus driver who is about to embark on a career journey that will drive his wife crazy. On a hot summer day in the LA traffic, Harry's life takes an unusual twist when fate causes him to walk off the job leaving behind a bus full of passengers cussing and screaming at him. He tells his wife Sylvia he's quit which prompts her to throw him out of the house, sending him to the streets of downtown LA where he encounters a visit into a cross dressors' bar where he makes new "friends" "mob creditors" and others. With the crazy idea of starting up a store for cross dressers Harry finds that life on the other side of the social line is not what he bargained for. It's a hilarious story that will keep audiences in stitches laughing to the end credits!



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