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Director: Alexandre Avancini

Screenwriter:  Vivian de Oliveira

Producers: Gabe Videla | Antoine Bocquier| Jeffrey E. Cordone  

Genre:  Biopic​
















French Born in 1888, Maurice Chevalier rose from poverty and obscurity to become an Entertainment Icon. His debonair showmanship and twinkling eyes combined with his jovial smile and lust for life propelled him to popularity for more than half a century. Maurice's career carried him with success to the music halls of Paris, revues in London, Rome and other cities around world. He easily transitioned into Hollywood in the 1930s, becoming an accomplished Actor, Singer and Dancer in a career that spanned the 30's through mid 60's, when he transitioned into television. He was an international symbol of his native France where he lived, loved and died leaving one of the most respected and beloved legacies in the history of Entertainment.

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dev misson stranger
dev stranger
Stranger At The Pentagon poster
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Written for the Screen
- Produced - Directed by:

Craig Campobasso



A film base on true events

Produced by:

Tonia Madenford
Jeffrey E. Cordone
Gabe Videla






to be determined


Action/ Adventure


Robert Razavi

Gabe Videla





Universal envoy Valiant Thor meets with President Eisenhower in 1957 and is put on VIP status for 3 years.




​Rob Rainey a newly retired CIA Agent, re-enters international operative service to find the mysterious killer of his best friend and former working partner.


What starts out as a mission of inquiry turns into a maze of intrigue unexpected twists that veil a top-secret business that was making his friend millions of dollars.


The journey Rainey gets involved with threatens his life as well as the trust he thought he had in the CIA and US Government.

Stranger At The Pentagon
Craig Campobasso
dev bearwalker
Bear Walker

Producer/ Director:  to be determined
Producers:  Gabe Videla | Jim Wood

Co & Line-Producer:  Jeffrey E. Cordone

Genre:  A Sci-Fi story base on true events

___ Watch Director Craig Campobasso's interview on The Tony Sweet Show with Eddie Conner, Wael Binali and Walt Lusk.

Stranger At The Pentagon



​The true story of a young native Canadian who killed a fellow native based on the belief he was a Bear Walker. In Indian Folklore a Bear Walker is a shape shifting evil spirit that can move at lightning speed to inflict harm and even death on its intended victims.

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