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D'Artagnan Entertainment, Inc. [DEI] is a Hollywood based company founded by Gabe Videla [1997] a successful Motion Picture and Television Executive & Producer, mentored by the great Joe Lombardi. DEI is involved in Filmed and Music Entertainment on a variety of levels. As CEO & Executive Producer, Gabe has fostered the careers of many successful film & television workers and in the process fashioned D'Artagnan Entertainment Inc. into a multi-faceted business that has the capability to deliver quality film, television, commercial and music content. Our mission statement reflects his character and approach to the complex and egocentric business he has been involved with for nearly 40 years.

"D’Artagnan Entertainment, Inc. is driven by the goal of providing a creative, cooperative, contributive and respectful working environment where talented individuals come together with the prime objective of developing and creating quality Filmed & Music Entertainment."

O U R    M I S S I O N    S T A T E M E N T


“The Entertainment Industry unlike any other sector of the business world is a place where one can express their imagination in an art form that fulfills inner satisfaction and if they're lucky enough, will earn accolades and fame in the most artistic and technical working environment existing. For me, the personal satisfaction comes from watching those who dream, seeing their dreams come true and being a part of their success.”

Gabe Videla

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