Action on Film International Film Festival, USA - 2010


  • Won, Alan J. Bailey Award

       Best Screenplay

       Tony Devon, Robert Rothbard


  • Won, Lifetime Achievement Award

       Talia Shire

       (Radmks, Mpire Films and D'Artagnan Entertainment). 




Garden State Film Festival  - 2010


  • Won, Rising Star Award

       Ronnie Marmo

       (Radmks, Mpire Films and D'Artagnan Entertainment). 



  • Won, Wave of Excellence for Filmmaking

       Talia Shire

       (Radmks, Mpire Films and D'Artagnan Entertainment). 



  • Won, Wave of Excellence for Filmmaking

       Vincent Pastore

       (Mpire Films, D'Artagnan Entertainment and Radmks). 




WorldFest Houston - 2010


  • Won, Platinum Award

       Robert Rothbard (Director), Jeffrey Cordone (Producer).



Pizza With Bullets poster
Vincent Pastore & Talia Shire

AOF 2010 - Lifetime Achievement Award


Talia Shire AOF Festival Interview 2010.



"I'm proud of you. You really deserve this.

I consider this a greater honor than being President."

-President Harry Truman to Desmond Doss during the Medal of Honor ceremony.



"The Conscientious Objector profiles with grace and conviction the amazing life of Desmond T. Doss."

-San Jose Mercury News, AE, Saturday March 13, 2004 "Conscience under fire," by Glenn Lovell.



"Your film is AMAZING ! I'm so glad it's getting the closing-night spot, that's a huge honor. I have to say that during the end of the film I got very choked up. I am a big fan of WWII and I think the timing of this doc is perfect."

-Jens Michael Hussey, Director of Public Relations, Cinequest Film Festival



"In my fourteen years of running the festival, I have never experienced such a powerful film".

-Kathleen Powell, Founder, Cinequest Film Festival.



"This year's Cinequest had the biggest name and the biggest hero. Our Organization was honored to have Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Desmond T. Doss, both Mavericks in their own rights, attend the festival."

-Halfdan Hussey, Co-founder, Cinequest Film festival.



"The documentary is not only a harrowing true-life war story, it is also a glowing example of Christian ethics put to the supreme test. Not as many people will see or hype The Conscientious Objector, as will they Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, and that's a shame."

"The Conscientious Objector is an unusually authentic look at the war, since it doesn't have the traditional rhetoric of the war movies and those too-familiar stories of the pacifist who ends up spoiling for a fight."

-Richard von Busack,
Silicon Valley Metro Weekly Newspaper.

Heartland Film Festival - 2004


  • Won, Crystal Heart Award

       Terry Benedict.










Long Island International Film Expo  - 2005


  • Won, Festival Prize

       Best Festure Film - 35 mm

       Terry Benedict, Producer. 







Santa Cruz Film Festival - 2005


  • Won, Audience Award

       Best Documentary,

       Terry Benedict.










Cinequest Film Festival - 2004


  • Won, Maverick Tribut Award

       Desmond T. Doss.

The Conscientious Objector



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