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The Conscietious Objector former poster
The Conscientious Objector

Producer/Director:  Terry Benedict

Executive Producers:  Gabe Videla | Jon Sheinberg

Screenwriters:  Terry Benedict | Jeff Wood

Genre:  Historical Military Documentary


An inspirational story of patriotism and faith, The Conscientious Objector is an award-winning documentary which tells the incredible true story of Desmond T. Doss, a World War II hero who never once touched a firearm.

Desmond's story is a life affirming account of a peaceful man whose religious beliefs spurred him to renounce all weapons, even on the most dangerous of missions. Still he miraculously saved countless lives on the front lines.


A congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond T. Doss stands as a testament to the overwhelming potential found inside everyone of us to do good.

The Conscientious Objector poster
docu TCO

Produced & Directed by:  Jeff Wood 

Executive Producers:  Pat Arrabito | Gabe Videla

Producers:  Jim Wood | Pat Arrabito

Screen Writer:  Jim Wood

Genre:  Docu Drama





The true story of a handful of God-fearing men who stood as guardians of minority rights and personal freedom, in opposition to calendar reform by powerful business interests, that would have made criminals of innocent law abiding citizens.

The Wandering Day

Joan Severance

The Wandering Day
docu napavalley
Napa Valley Dreams

Produced & Directed by:
 Rodney Vance

Producer:  John Tagamolila

Consulting Producer:  Gabe Videla

Genre:  Documentary - Short





If you have ever wondered how the locals live in this fabled California Wine Valley, take a look at "Napa Valley Dreams," a documentary film produced by Award-Winning Producer & Writer, Rodney Vance, who along with noted Cinematographers Christopher Rusin & John Tagamolila, bring stunning imagery, combined with a beautiful musical score enhanced by Dolby® Atmos™ (the newest and most sophisticated technology in sound) to envelop us in the unique sights and sounds of this most unique and special places of the Golden State.
Director Rodney Vance says “no matter how many times you’ve visited here or how much of this valley you’ve explored, you will be enchanted.” From soil to soul, Napa Valley Dreams looks at the people, the places and the heart of the Napa Valley. “It's a soulful place, “it’s more than just home to world-class wine and cuisine. We wanted to capture the experience and enchantment what it’s like to come to this most enchanting of places.”


The film includes notable residents and scenes of environmentally sensitive parts of the valley that have never before been professionally filmed.




Napa Valley Dreams
Napa Valley Dreams
Napa Valley Dreams
Napa Valley Dreams
Napa Valley Dreams
Napa Valley Dreams

A documentary film about a place and its people — both unique and magnificent — and the profound effect each has on the other.

Napa Valley Dream

This is a work of art, straight from the heart.

Duane Cronk, Founding Member, Land Trust of Napa County


A guided meditation.

John Capellaro, founder, Sacred Story


This is most inspiring!

Maria Newman, Napa, CA


It transcends a documentary. It’s the best I ever saw.

Joseph Lennon McCord, member, Actors Studio

A visual rhapsody to one of the most magical, spiritual places on earth.

Pamela Dunlap, actress, Mad Men


This is a work of art, straight from the heart.

Duane Cronk, Angwin Reporter


Napa Valley Dreams is a beautiful look into why so many of us love to call this valley home.

Tracee Oles Beebe, Saint Helena


This movie is brilliant and so well done, I’m going to see it again. Loved that it featured what I call “real people” vs. the usual bold face names. Camera, editing, music all fantastic.
I give it 5 stars!

Jeannine Yeomans, UC Berkeley

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